Volunteer Opportunities

We always welcome dependable volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities include :

  • Feeding all the rabbits hay, pellets, fresh veggies and changing their water
  • Cleaning the cages and shelter areas.
  • Brushing, nail clipping, and one-on-one playtime.
  • Driving buns to and/or from veteranarian appointments.
  • Showing rabbits and educating the public at in-store adoption events.
  • Work with the fundraising committee to plan, organize and carry out fundraising events.
  • Selling merchandise and educating the public at our fund-raising events. We hold several events yearly and can always use extra hands at the merchandise or adoption booths. Keep an eye on the website for updates.
  • Donating monies or goods to the buns. 
  • Lawn mowing at shelter
  • Helping at fund raising events

Rabbit experience and knowledge are helpful but NOT necessary. Thorough training is provided for all volunteer positions.

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