Is a Rabbit the Right Choice?

  Deciding to adopt any animal as a family pet requires a great deal of thought but especially when considering a rabbit because they are not the best choice for all people or family situations.  


Bunnies are quiet companions; they can be entertaining in their own way.  If you want a pet to greet you at the door, chase a string, or come when you call its name (although a few pet rabbits will, it’s not in their nature), you should re-think your decision to adopt a bunny.

Bunnies are inquisitive gentle and endearing.  They can do “happy hops” to express their great happiness or roll over onto their backs in sheer delight.  Bunnies do not tolerate loud or sudden noises and movements.  These actions scare most rabbits and create stress and fear that can easily result in serious illness, and even death.  Think about your family and home environment:  are they conducive and safe for a bunny?

BunnyPeople does not recommend bunnies as pets for children under the age of nine.  The reason is that rabbits are delicate animals and cannot withstand rough handling whether intentional or not!  Most rabbits don’t care to be picked up or held, especially by an inexperienced or insecure handler.  When improperly handled, rabbits will kick, scratch and bite.  Small children can be injured, and the rabbit will be dropped as a result.  A rabbit’s bones are hollow and when dropped they can suffer from broken feet, legs, backs, necks or even death.  They do not have the mobility to land on their feet or withstand the force of a fall even from a low height.  Small children should NEVER be left unsupervised with a rabbit.

Rabbits love to be petted! Sitting on the floor with your bunny and petting him/her is a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you both. Some bunnies even enjoy sitting on your lap or furniture, and in some cases they can become bed buddies. 

Are you prepared for at least a ten-year, and as much as an eighteen-year commitment? Bunnies have lived this long, though the average lifespan is eight to ten years. 

Please do not adopt (or purchase) any animal if you are not willing to commit to loving and caring for it for the length of its life. Make sure that any life changes you or your family may encounter will not give you reason to abandon your smallest family member! Still interested? More information follows, please read on. 

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